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Statement of Intent-

“Labyrinth,” a wall piece composed of dryer lint and wire, has an uneasy overtone to it. When people think of dryer lint they image softness. However, when they move in to touch the piece they see what looks to be barbed wire. Their reaction to touch the piece is soon squashed by the fear of being cut. This piece also represents an untraditional recording of history. In every strand of dryer lint there are representations of not only the person who wore the clothing being washed, but also of their daily activities. If the viewer were to look closely they can find the dog owner, the person with short hair, the person who entered a raffle, the person with the bad habit of leaving paper in their pockets and the compulsive person who separates their clothing by color.


“Home Is Where The <3 Is”

Statement of Intent-

“Home Is Where The Heart Is,” a loom crossed-stitched with dryer lint, is a feminist piece due to the materials and the girly color pink. Being hinged to the wall, the piece lends itself to be examined by the viewer from the front and the back, seeing the process and the finished product. The piece connects the mother doing the family’s laundry with the mother sitting in the rocking chair cross-stitching with this delicate “thread.” Therefore this heart-warming proverb is a product of her family’s lifestyle and an indirect representation of her family.


Keep em’ Rollin’


First Documentation of a master piece!


Thank you Erwin Wurm for being my inspiration!

I am going to make a one-minute sculpture, inspired by Erwin Wurm.  Below is the letter I am sending to EVERYONE I know!  If you see this, you do it too!!!!

Directions:  Follow the steps below verbatim.

1.    You are going on a two-day, one night trip to Florida.  Make a pile of the following items:

•    2 outfits
•    1 set of pajamas
•    2 pairs of socks
•    2 days worth of undergarments
•    1 or 2 pair(s) of shoes
•    Nice outfit to go out to dinner in
•    Bathroom products (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, hair product, hair brush, make-up, etc)
•    Jewelry
•    Bathing suit
•    Sunglasses/hat
•    Light jacket

2.    Pull out your carry-on bag and place it opened on the floor.
3.    Put on every article of clothing in your travel pile.
4.    Hold the non-clothing items (i.e. toothbrush, sunscreen, etc) in your arms or between your legs.
5.    Step inside of your carry-on bag.
6.    Have someone take a digital picture of you in this position.
7.    Email this picture to

News on “Hug, Laugh, Smile, Friendly, Unforgettable”

I won the Department Award in Mixed Media 😀