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Maybe I will end up in there 😀

Perfect Artist for me to find!


Yeah, that’s dryer lint and tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!  aka INCREDIBLE!!!!

What to do with Dryer Lint?!

“Dryer lint is an expensive commodity. It represents the life being worn from your clothes by the action and heat of the dryer.”     By Joe

I was trying to sleep the other night and of course I can’t sleep.  Instead I think of dryer lint….weird, I know.  But anyway, here I am with the craving to make a sculpture involving dryer lint.  My brother is visiting the 28th so I asked my Mom to collect all the dryer lint she can from everyone she knows before that time.  So I figure since I still have no concrete ideas, I would just throw up some random pictures:


My Hamster…Finally Done!


Statement of Intent:
Furry childhood pets inspired my sculpture, entitled “Hamster Fanfare.” The hamster measures 40 ½” x 21”x 22” and is primarily made from coffee filters, chicken wire and felt.
The choice of simple materials was decided by the nature of hamsters, being small creatures, with their limit space and resources in their cages. “Hamster Fanfare” references a real hamster in the fluffiness of her face and the small emphasis in her hands. Hamsters have the ability to make people smile and laugh while they run around in their wheel and pack their cheeks with food. The big pink nose and her goofy personality magnify this playfulness. The hamster’s playful manner is also demonstrated in her size and the way she giggles when she moves on her float. Humor is present in the overall sculpture because of a tiny monster truck driving a 40 ½” hamster.

So Excited!

I am SO excited for my upcoming sculpture (I have been getting NO responses from Anchor people so that project is on hold-possibly forever).  Anyway, my new sculpture is a wall piece.  Oh and side note-this is my FIRST sculpture that I have thought of on my own 😀  So I am making a map of the United States and filling/outlining it with nails at different heights.  Glued to the heads of these nails are broken pieces of ornaments that I painted different bright, cheery colors.  On each of the ornaments is either the word smile, laugh, hug, unforgettable or friendly in all the languages spoken in the U.S.  And…the words are written in all different handwritings!  It’s going to be fabulous!

Hello Jenny Holzer!

This is what I had somewhat envisioned for Project ANCHOR!!!! -Text over the face!

(Of course everyone will be smiling in mine)


Let Project ANCHOR Begin!

Sent to the ANCHOR Crew:

Hey guys! Hope ur all winters are wonderful so far. For my sculpture class I am planning on doing this tribute to Anchor if u will but I need everyones help. Please send me a photo of you and ur favorite camper with a few sentences about how they changed your life, how you changed their life or even your favorite story about the camper. If I get enough people to help me and it turns out the way I envision it, I am going to donate it to the office so you can all see it. It really would be greatly appreciated and will not take much of your time. Thanks so much!

Oh and please forward this to any other Anchor people you know!

~Kaitlyn Butler

First Response back 🙂

hey. this picture is of me and tyler during the magic show. the first day of anchor he was my buddy and I will never forget how much trouble i had to go through to get him to do anything. after lunch he fell asleep because he had a headache so we stayed back at the tent while everyone went to where they were supposed to be at and 5 minutes after everyone left he was wide awake and wanted to do everything but go to where the group was. we stayed at the tent and for the rest of the day he wasn’t so happy with me. by the end of the summer though he would come up to me and show me everything he had and ask for my help. he even played with me on the bus. he made the summer unforgettable with his little tantrums and wheel of fortune and the singing bee.

if the pic doesnt come through let me know and ill try it again but in a different way =)
sorry if the thing is too long you can shorten it

~Kaitlyn P.


To Look Back for Inspiration…


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A Look Into Fluxus

I recently investigated the works of Fischli and Weiss, known for “extraordinary transformations of the commonplace” and Rikirit Tiranija, known for “set[ting] a stage, offering an opportunity or a possibility,” and discovered that these men bring art to a whole new level.

In an article I read, they said Fischli and Weiss’ work calls for a “childlike spirit of discovery which encourages the viewer to look afresh at their surroundings.” This idea got me thinking about what that experience would feel like. Children are very curious about everything around them and feel the need to stare, ask questions and touch. As we grow older we stop this wonderment, but why? Why are adults not supposed to look at something like they have never seen it before and stare in amazement? Some adults have closed the door to their childhood envisions of the world and only focus on facts and what is right in front of them. The type of art that makes these people open their eyes and remember the astonishment attached to seeing something for the first time should be praised. The curtain to a child’s eyes should never be closed, no matter how old they get.

The same idea is conveyed in Tiravanija’s work by not forcing a specific scenario upon the viewer, rather he leaves it open. These three men connect in the way that their art forces the viewers to open their eyes to a new world. Many images seen in everyday life leave nothing up to the imagination, which is why their works are so powerful. It makes you THINK and connect the art to your own experiences.

The Fluxus movement articles I read talk about all materials being fair game for artists. Since prehistoric times, there have been so many different eras and styles of art, and now in the 21st century, what better idea is there than to combine all of these different eras into one. Not only does it go across the board in the art world, but also it is interdisciplinary, incorporating science, philosophy and sociology. “Dick Higgins was the first to name this development as an actual art movement” and coined word intermedia. Like Fischli, Weiss, and Tiravanija, the Fluxus movement has a “playful and unconventional style.”

I think this is a wonderful form of art for this time because it incorporates numerous disciplines and therefore has something for everyone. The public is at a point where they want to make their own decisions and be independent; this type of art making allows that. One viewer can look upon a piece and remember a childhood memory, while the person standing right next to them, looking at the same piece, might think of their dream from the night before. This movement should gain publicity and invite all types of viewers to embellish the art work with own point of views.  Artists to follow should include Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Dick Higgins, and Robert Filliou.

* References: