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The Spore Collective Manifesto

The Spore Collective Manifesto, now featured as one of my pages, is going to make such a huge impact on myself and the class as a whole. As I discussed with the class during debates about the Manifesto, I am hesitant to take risks in art classes. This resistance is from my head constantly asking “What will your classmates think of this? What will your grade be? What will your professor criticize?” So in this case, instead of taking risks and being as creative as possible, I tend to ask around for suggestions and get the general consensus about where to go from here.

In reading an article for my social studies education class, I could not help but notice that the article was talking about the environment set up by the Manifesto. It said, “The more single-mindedly an external goal is pursued, the less likely…that creative possibilities will be explored”
-Alfie Kohn, from “The Trouble With Carrots.”

In other words, worrying about grades = lack of creativity!

I was a little nervous regarding the free assignment aspect of the Manifesto but luckily for me “Hand holding is accepted!” I plan to take ideas for projects and just use them as a jumping off point, instead of following them verbatim. Hopefully, this way I can add in my own ideas, creativity and spins on the art work.

I believe the Manifesto will lead to fabulous work this semester because we are raising Sculpture II to a whole new unexplored level and the excitement alone will be sure to produce MAGIC…

And Here I Thought it Was Finished…


Comments from Crit:

-Forces people to interact with it

-Great little hands

-Bad platform and length of dowel (maybe make it vinyl)

-Corners of the platform need work

-Needs “tweeking”

-Have little hamster in monster truck


So my hamster has been haunting my thoughts more than ever today.  It was recommended to me that I play up the idea of a float.  I like this idea because I also believe it looks like a float but here is my question….is the float and the hamster supposed to have some connection?  Someone wrote one of my weaknesses as having no connection between the coffee filters and the hamster so would that only get worse when I added the float idea into it?  Please help!


We always have a choice. Existentialism does not stand for any kind of determinism except the one that determines our individual facts (existence)
We choose, and in choosing (in good or bad faith) we define ourselves. Choice is a definition of an existence in the world, towards an object outside of itself.
Choice is all that we have, without confirmation of our act; we never know what was right to choose. The doubt of our acts, together with the contingence of existence, leads to Angst


Dear Sculpture Class,

I am VERY sorry for attempting to use the vaccum vent last night!


Sincerely, Kaitlyn

First of Many Stages…

Comments From Critique:

-Cave looks lost in paws and bottom

-Base needs something

-Japanese puppet show

-Change and connect honeycomb to hamster

-Make something for the back of hamster

-Nice slumped back

-Articulate face!


Coffee filter much!?


Susan Stockwell

344 Coffee Filters Later…

I am in an AWFUL mood!!! Critique today made me more frustrated than I was before I even brought my hamster in. What made me so frustrated was that everyones comments about my weaknesses were things I was thinking about as I was building my hamster. I came in today hoping for ways to fix these things, instead I heard them again and got more upset. Things that have been haunting my sleep include: Should I color him? What should I do with his eyes? His nose? I lifted the base off the ground but people still call it a base!? How can I articulate the face more because I already have made the face with smaller holes in an attempt to articulate it but that is still not good enough. I am lost…..

How did that hamster survive?!

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Georgia Russell


Russell’s work blows my mind! There is so much intricate cuttings and patience involved. I also love how there are not simple random cuts, instead they are used to cut out words. The cuttings bring the books alive and give them personality.  I know the case is probably strictly for protective reasons but I think it does a whole lot more.  The case enhances the knowledge of its delicacy and looks as if it is being preserved for future generations, which it should be!  I am so glad Russell has the book raised like he does and with a clear pole because it looks as though it is floating within the case.