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The Spore Collective Manifesto

Founded this day, February 6, 2008, the Spore Collective hereby declares the following purpose, principles and plan of action to be followed throughout the Spring 2008 semester. Our purpose is to promote free cultural ideals and the making of new things. In the spirit of David Wilson, we promote the prodigiously unusual imagination and look forward to a semester of investigation, wonderment, and exploration.

Each member will participate in a scheduled critique to be held on February 13, 2008. Upon completion of said critique each member will then be responsible for completing four more works by the end of the semester.

The principles on which this manifesto is built are to be taken seriously by each member.
1. One must strive to push his/her imagination beyond the comfort level.
2. One must embrace the wonderment of the creative process and disband any thoughts of assignments and grades in order to work in the spirit of the spore.
3. One must experience the commitment to being an active participant in the collective. One must go to the Fast, Cheap and Out of Control blog on a regular basis and must respond to posts in a thoughtful and timely manner. More than one response per post is welcomed.
4. One must strive to leave the course a stronger artist.
5. All must strive to make this the best class of the year.

The plan of action:
1. Following the February 13, critique, each member may take one of two routes to complete the class:
One may arrange regularly scheduled critique dates. Working critiques
will be held only when work is at a point to discuss both conceptually and
One may choose to experience the class in a more structured manner with
assignments to guide the creative process.

2. There will be pages posted to the FCOC blog indicating writing assignments and speaking assignments, lists of artists and other pertinent information. All members are responsible for keeping on schedule.
3. This success and course of direction is built upon trust for each member of The Spore Collective.